My favourite ways to relax after a long day with 3 children!

So let’s be honest no matter how many children you have it is very tiring and you do need some “me” time. It’s a rare occasion you can fully wind down and shut off from the world. So here is a couple of things I do to feel pampered and refreshed to carry on my week!

First off make sure all children are settled and sleeping!! First tip!! Aha!

So my first thing to do is I lay out my pyjamas on my bed with my favourite lotion to use! Which as the moment is my champneys lotion such a subtle but gorgeous scent and doesn’t make my feel all sticky!

Once I have done this I like to run myself a big bubble bath my my favourite products with lots of bubbles! At the moment I am using my lush snow fairy ( play dough style stuff) creates amazing bubbles and smells fantastic!! Makes the whole upstairs of my house smell amazing!

I like to make sure I have everything laid out on the edge of my bath, on a relaxing night I will use a hair mask and a face mask! I go all out haha! Also I will lay out a body scrub! I love a good sugar scrub! I feel these are more gentle on my skin and not to drying!

Whilst I’m in the bath I will play a podcast and just zone out. I have been listening to coffee convos at the moment and loving it. As I use face masks and hair masks it makes me relax in the bath longer than I normally would and totally unwind!

Once I have finished in the bath I like to put an volumising dry oil in my hair and also a nourishing oil on the ends. Told you I go all out! Lol I give my hair a thorough dry and even use a round headed brush! Look at me go!!

Once I’m ready for bed I like to make myself i night tea by pukka, this tea sends me straight to sleep! I get into bed with the hubby and we stick on our favourite tv show how I met your mother!

This is my favourite way to relax and shut off from the world!

What are your tips to relaxing after a stressful day?

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