Birchbox December 2017 review!

Hey everyone sorry this Birchbox review is a little late, we were away so I received it late but instead of just saying what I got in it this month I have had time to try them out and give you my opinion on the items. So let’s get started!

The first thing I saw was this gorgeously packaged BAÏJA PARIS, caramelised honey body scrub, To me it looks like them cute jam jars you get in a tea room. When I opened the lid the scrub inside is a beautiful gold colour. I have used this twice a week like it says and this scrub is very moisturising! A little goes a long way! I love it!

Next up I noticed the two blue tubes of product. The first was the SAND AND SKY, brilliant skin purifying clay mask. I was very excited to try this and you get a decent amount to get two uses out of it. The only thing is when I put this on my skin it did sting a little, my skin is more sensitive in the winter so I should of done a test patch first, however when I washed this off after 5 minutes my skin felt so soft and nourished I cannot fault it. Also did not leave any redness.

The second blue tube was KEBELO, clarifying shampoo. I don’t use a tonne of products in my hair daily, so to use a clarifying shampoo isn’t needed regularly but I do know you can get build up from shampoos and conditioners and I am a frequent dry shampooer. So I followed the instructions of shampooing twice with this product and I’m not going to lie my hair felt so soft and fluffy! Definitely was super clean! And I have to say my hair is not yet oily, haven’t needed dry shampoo at all and this is day 3 without hair washing( I only wash my hair twice a week anyway) but I think this is amazing!

Next up is a SPECTRUM COLLECTIONS, BO4 angled blender brush. I love to receive brushes in my Birchbox you can never have to many and I have noticed the sigma brushes don’t loose bristles so this is a major plus. The angled brush is very nice to use, I don’t feel it’s dense enough for a good blend for a smokey eye but it’s ideal for a quick everyday look.

Lastly is the LOC, Vibrant Matte lipstick in Colour Me Confident. If I’m honest I wasn’t super excited about this as this style of lipstick is not what I would go for, I did however love the matte finish and the colour is gorgeous I did only swatch this on my hand, I will give this a go on my lips but just haven’t worn lip products lately as my lips are very very dry with the cold weather.

So that’s my review on all the products last month. I will do a January Birch Box post once I receive the box so you can have time to purchase yours if you like what’s inside 🙂

Sianiie xox

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