First Birch Box Review!

So for the last year I had been receiving glossybox! Absolutely loved the box every month and nearly every time I used everything in the box, also every now and again you would receive a sweet treat which was a nice surprise hehe!

After a year I thought I would cancel my subscription and see what other boxes were out their and always looking for lovely new skincare and make up hidden gems out there, while looking for reviews on Facebook I found Birch Box. First off I love the Birch Box has their own app so I can see when it is on its way and review products and you can easily shop on the app for the products you received that month, but what really won me was the fact you can change your personal details so you Box is personalised to you and what you like! Love that!! So I thought I would share with you my first box, what was inside and what I think so far.

This months Box was called feeling good. It is in honour of breast cancer awareness month and they are working with the CoppaFeel charity.

So to begin with I absolutely loved the drawer design of this box! So easy to open and just loved it!

So first thing I noticed was the gorgeous Spectrum A04 brush, on Facebook I saw a code for this product, if you typed it in when purchasing the box you got it free, can never have to many make up brushes!

I used the brush for my highlighter and I have used it for blusher, I love it, it’s so soft and quite dense. It’s also so easy to control and has a lovely tapered end!

Next up is the modelCo mascara, I haven’t actually tried this yet, I am very fussy with mascara I do like my waterproof mascaras so hesitant to try, but I will give it a go and let you know what I think.

This is the Balance Me facial wash, I do like a facial wash, and this being 99% natural I couldn’t wait to get it on my face! And it didn’t disappoint! Lathers up nicely on the skin and feels so fresh when washed away with warm water, skin does feel a little dry afterwards but I moisturise anyway so I don’t mind this.

This is the Anatomicals Grab your melons shower gel this is a Birchbox exclusive for breast cancer awareness. I think it is a great idea and also comes with a CoppaFeel sticker for the shower! I haven’t tried this yet but zesty smelling bath products are my favourite so I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

This is the Number 4 super comb Prep and Protect, this is another Birchbox exclusive, I have bleached hair so anything that says protection I am willing to try. I have liked this so far it smells nice but haven’t noticed a huge improvement yet but sometimes takes a few uses to notice its effects.

And lastly the eco toolscontour perfecting applicator, if I’m honest I’m scared to try this, I have only just got contouring with a brush so not sure where to start with this. I will give it a go and share with you what I think.

I now can’t wait for next months Box!

Sianiie xox

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