My favourite YouTube’s right now.

Most people watch YouTube nowadays so I thought why not share with you all my favourite people to watch in my free time. These are in no particular order just my most watched channels.

  • So first off is Lauren Curtis.I have watched Lauren for about 2 years now maybe more, she was the first YouTuber I started to follow. I just love her make up tutorials and they are easy to follow or get tips from and I love she has a variety or content.
  • Next up is Zoella and More Zoella. Thought should add both channels as they are both by Zoe Sugg, I am loving these channels at the moment, especially because it’s autumn and Zoe knows how to make you get in the autumnal and Christmassy mood! I cannot wait for vlogmas!
  • Next is The sacconejolys. I just can relate to there busy life so well. Three children and there youngest is around the same age as Thea so it’s lovely watching the milestones and struggles that we are also hitting too, makes you feel less alone. Great family, great entertainment! They also have a channel called Friendliest friends which my boys are obsessed with the music videos on there!
  • I have been watching kkandbabyj since they were a very small channel and have loved them from the start! Just love their little family but mainly Karen is just hilarious! And if you ever can’t be bothered to go food shopping just watch there grocery hauls 😂 Have to check these guys out!
  • Next up is Shaaanxo another beauty vlogger and so talented! I am obsessed with her unboxing hauls and her make up reviews! And she loves a face mask, and so do I, so that’s just satisfying to watch anyway lol
  • And finally Ashy Bines. I watched Ashys episodes of raw and loved them, was glued from the start. Now there is a new 8 part series called the squad project and this is so interesting! It’s a health and fitness channel and I just love how she has captured a fitness and weight loss journey of 5 girls and made it so motivating to watch! If nothing else it gets me up and wanting to get my body moving!

Hope you found this a little interesting, our home is a little YouTube mad lately as our boys have now discovered how to get YouTube on there wiiU, so thought it fitted quite well.

Sianiie xox

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