Bite the bullet and tried it!

So over the past year various people over instagram have spoken about La Bang Body, and raved about how their skin feels after using it and how natural it is. Well I was sold by the fact it smells like coconut. I needed to try this!! So when I heard they do free shipping to the uk I didn’t hesitate and bought the coconut and lime scent body oil! Boy I was not disappointed!! First off this smells absolutely fantastic! I mean tempting to eat sort of fantastic! ( don’t worry haven’t eaten any..) but it does smell just like starburst!! Also this glides on your skin so easily, and doesn’t leave you with that horrible sticky feeling, it absorbs straight into your skin so quick. And probably not meant to be used this way but I even put a little on my face when it was having a meltdown this week, (bloody hormones 👎🏻) and it felt and looked amazing!! I will definitely be repurchasing this product! They also do a hair treatment that I want to get my hands on 😍 Anyway if you would like to also give this nourish oil a try I’ll link the website here 👉🏻 you love this as much as I do!Sianiie xox

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