Product review!

Hey everyone!

I have been given the opportunity to review a product by Kira Kira, AHA, I am very wary of what facial products I use as my skin can be quite sensitive, but this product was advertised as a natural facial cleansing liquid. Also this was advertised as having 3 natural acids, so I was very excited to make my skin have a glow! So I thought why the hell not!

When I received this in the post, the packaging was high quality! Full of information and I knew then that I was going to love it.

Before I have written this review, I have trailed this product for 2 weeks, so I could give you all my honest opinion.

So from the first pump, I noticed that this cleanser does not have any smell, personally I quite like this ,as sometimes you can get a cleanser that smells so strong it puts you off using it near your nose, mouth and eyes, then I just waste it.

The texture is almost oily, but doesn’t make your skin feel oily but does leave my skin feeling moisturised. Also I have used this to also take off eyeshadow and mascara( not waterproof mascara) and it worked without any vigorous rubbing. I always do a second cleanse with a different cleanser but my skin doesn’t feel it needs it. This melts off my make up very well, just so you know I wear full foundation, concealer and powders on my face.

I feel this product will last quite well as you only need 1 pump for a full face cleanse, so I feel this is good value for money. The RRP for this is £19.99 and I will be repurchasing.

If you would like to check it out the website is They also offer free delivery within the UK At the moment and if you type the promo code TOKYO you will receive 10% off! Such an amazing offer! Catch it before it runs out!

Hope you guys enjoy this product as much as I have 🙂

Let me know if their are any other products you would like me to review!

Sianiie xox

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