Let’s catch up!

Evening guys!

Gosh hasn’t it been a while?! Life just gets away from me these days. Loose track of time, days, weeks.. even my name at the moment ! Mumlife!

Hope your all well! Thought I would write this post as more of a catch up with you guys, let you know what’s been going on and see what you guys would like me to write about at the moment! Having a bit of a mental block and can’t think!

To begin with I cannot believe summer is almost over! Felt like the holidays only began yesterday I have blinked now my boys go back to school in 2 weeks!! Can’t believe George starts school for the first time and cj is going into year 2, I wish time could slow down and just keep them this age for a little longer! Dreading the day they don’t want a kiss or cuddle, or to be tucked in at bedtime! Cj has already got to the age where he wants to read himself a story at bedtime!

Also this summer Thea has perfected army crawling, literally gets into anything and everything. And we have began baby led weaning, if you would like to know my experience on this just let me know and I can do a whole post on it 👍🏻. I have found a few new products/ items that I am absolutely in love with this summer! The first are little clear hair elastic, I did not realise how many styles you can do with these.. wish I tried them sooner! Also now my hair is shorted I want a bit of volume so I have been using batiste volumising dry shampoo! God send! With these sleepless nights, I just don’t have the energy to full on style my hair everyday, spray this in my roots , give my hair a couple of loose beachy curls, takes 5 minutes! Love it!!

If you would like me to do an august favourites post just comment below and I can write that for you guys 🙂

If their is anything else you guys would me to write about feel free to ask 🙂 I need some inspiration, help a girl out 😘

Sianiie xox

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