Baby must-haves!! 

Hey everyone!

So my baby is now 5 months old, I thought I would share with you all my favourite, most useful things we have purchased and used in this time and why we loved them. So let’s get started!

  1. Muslin cloths- These were a big essential for us, Thea was a very sicky baby and these are amazing for cleaning up the unexpected spot up, you can lay them over your shoulder or just gently under the chin. Muslin cloths are very lightweight and dry so quickly. We also found them a great comfort for Thea, she loves to hold them to sleep, nap time or bedtime,we found the Aldi muslin cloths our favourite, they are super soft and keep their bright colour after every wash.
  2. Sleepsuits with mittens- Thea loves her sleepsuits, so comfy so she can move around easily and not too hot to wear. But the best sleepsuits we purchased are the ones with the built in mittens! These were and still are amazing! These stop her scratching her cute little face while she sleeps, and they can’t fall off! They are amazing! I think you can by these from most shops now aswell.
  3. Tommee tippee milk storage pots- these are little formula powder containers that fit nicely inside the bottles. Perfect for on the go so you can make your bottles fresh while out and about. Also perfect for the night feeds so you don’t have to count out scoops whilst half asleep. They only hold up to 6oz per pot, this is perfect for us as that’s all we need. Highly recommended if you formula feed.
  4. Chicco next to me crib- I love this crib! Baby is right next to you all night long, no need to lean into a Moses basket just after you have delivered your baby. It’s amazing! Thea is still in her next to me at 5 months old. Their is still plenty of room for her to move around. I love that when she is having a more unsettled night I can easily comfort her right next to me without bringing her into our bed. This has been one of my favourite bigger item purchases. Apart from our pushchair but not a must have lol
  5. Anbesol teething gel- this isn’t really a newborn must have but right now this is working wonders for Thea’s sore gums! It works instantly and takes the pain away. We used to swear by Ashton powders but they do not seem to work aswell this time around. So yep! Sore gums, give this a try 👍🏻
  6. I was only going to do 5 but needed to add this in the caboo baby sling- we have kindly been lent one of these by my sister in law, and it is amazing! Thea liked to be held ALOT! as a newborn, mainly because she had reflux she wanted to be upright, so this helped us to cuddle her whilst also giving me free hands to tend to our other children. Winning!! Also if we are on walks with the kids and the dog, Thea feels so secure walking through the forest or across field or the beach. And lastly perfect for helping get them to sleep, it’s so snug and warm their perfect little eyes just drift off to sleep without you needing to do anything! 👍🏻 

So that’s the end of my must haves! I hope you enjoy and if you would like me to do buy regrets post just let me know!

Sianiie xoxo

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