How I keep my blonde hair from drying out! 

Since its the summer and a lot of people tend to lighten their have or it dries out from the sunshine. I’m also guilty of using a lot of heat on my hair, so it definfilty going to get a little damaged!  I thought I would let you know a few secrets I have to keep my blonde hair healthy and shiny all year round.

First off I only wash my hair every 2-3 days, I know this sounds disgusting but my hair doesn’t tend to get very oily, so washing it every few days helps the natural oils in my hair to keep it shiny.

When it is time to wash my hair, I use shampoo as normal, I tend to alteranate my shampoos through the month, this isn’t for any particular reason. I like to use either john Freida beach blonde, tresemme rich moisture or schwarzkopf BlondMe, I also use the Twice a week toning shampoo by touch of silver. After I have shampooed, I like to put a thick conditioner in my hair, I do not start at the roots as it can make it look oily, I leave the conditioner in my hair for around 10-15 minutes, this sounds like a long time but trust me, when you wash it out, your hair will feel amazing! 

Once a month I will use a hair mask, I do not have a favourite yet so reccomendations are welcome! 🙂

After my hair is washed, before I dry it I use my Lee Stafford repair oil , concentrating on the tips of my hair! 

I hope these tips help a little 🙂

Sianiie xox

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