Happy day 28 🌺

Evening lovelies, hope you’ve had a nice Monday, the sun was shining beautifully this afternoon, we had a lovely dog walk after the school run, love getting some fresh air into our lungs, ( also a quick stop at the sweet shop)

My happy moment today was catching up with an old friend! I love seeing someone that you haven’t seen in a while and it feels so relaxed and like you catch up all the time.

Since having children, especially now we have another baby, friends seem to go quiet, your not invited out anymore, or they don’t really want to catch up, it can feel very lonely, your not alone but it sure does feel like it. Try to remember you are never alone, if they are true friends they will always reply to you, they may want to give you time to bond with your new baby. Think positive! It can be hard being a mummy it’s  tiring, demanding, amazing, worrying and many more mixed emotions and it is ok to feel all these. No judgement here! Stay strong all you mothers out their! Your doing a great job!

Sianiie xox

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