Happy day 25 🌺

Who has that Friday feeling?! We do!! Ryan is off work all weekend the kids are happy, baby is sleeping! All is amazing!! Hope you all have had a lovely day! 

My happy moment today was having some quality time with my husband whilst the boys were in school! Not often do we get this so it was lovely just catching up with no distractions ( Thea was snoozing in her pushchair). We don’t often get time together to just walk around and enjoy the day with each other so it was a very nice day! 

We used to have little walks and date nights quite often but with the kids these days it’s hard to make the time for each other as we are always busy with one of the little ones. Time with your partner is so important, we always try to make sure we ask each other about our day and have a cuddle. I’m excited too see what this weekend has in store for us! 

Sianiie xox

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