Happy day 13 🌺

Hey everybody., sorry it’s late again today! 

We had a lovely chilled one today, first day on the weekend in so long that we haven’t had any sort of plans, it was lovely, even got a sneaky nap in with Thea this afternoon as she isn’t sleeping so great at the moment! Teething problems! Poor girl. 

So earlier on today we were telling cj about when we lived in our place in lancing, just the 3 of us, before George and Thea were here, when him and Ryan used to go and play football in the morning together and when they got home we would all sit down and have a tasty roast dinner, after that we would stick on a film and all have an afternoon nap while cuddling together. This happened every weekend for months! I loved our little family tradition! Now we have new traditions that include the other 2 beauties! Can’t wait to tell you guys all about them! 

Sianiie xox

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