Happy day 9 🌺

Hey everyone! Wahoo half way through the week! Gosh the days are flying by at the moment! 

Anyway.. my happy moment today has been laying in bed with my husband and just talking about our day, I know this sounds like something very small but this is the first night in a long time that we finally have all 3 children down for bed and asleep before 8pm! (Normally Thea is up chatting away til about 9pm) 

When you have a newborn sometimes your relationship doesn’t feel like a priority, so we try and grab these small moments and catch up with each other’s day.. at the moment catch up for the week, as like I said before one child is normally awake.. 

Before children we used to make sure we spent time together every night without any distractions and just talk and laugh and make plans together.. I love when we can grab the moment to still do those things! 

Night all! 

Sianiie xox

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