So thought I would kickstart this blog with my experiences and feelings  from the last 2 months with a newborn and adjusting.

I thought as Thea is our third baby that we would be pros at this parenting thing! And we would just fit her into our normal daily routine. Oh boy how wrong was I! 

Those first few sleepless nights! These were very hard, when Thea slept I wanted to sit up and watch her, I almost felt scared to sleep incase I didn’t hear her cry or if something happened while we were sleeping . This feeling did pass after a couple of days and I felt more at ease. So did finally get some rest. When you have older children you don’t really sleep when baby sleeps. When baby sleeps you catch up on all the other household jobs or just spend time with the older siblings without giving them half your attention. So you do feel exhausted, all the time!! 

This time around I was terrified I would get pnd again. I was worried signs were creeping up, I didn’t want people to hold Thea, this included Ryan at times. I wanted to be the only one that had her yet I wanted to show her off to everyone because I was so proud she was mine! I couldn’t control these feelings and would make excuses not to see people. I’m very lucky Ryan understood these feelings and supported me and soon they passed. Still get a little overwhelmed at time but I just take 5 minutes and breathe, or relax in the bath,this is definitely my happy place. 

Now the Crying, oh the crying! Poor little girl would cry during and after every feed, then be sick and cry some more. This little routine continued for a few weeks until we took her to the doctors. She was in pain constantly and we didn’t know how to make it better, turns out Thea had reflux, We were reccomended to change her milk to cow and gate anti reflux and what a difference this made. No more crying or choking on her bottles no more sick no more restlessness! It was like we had a different baby! So content and so happy! We have been on this milk for around 2 weeks but the side effects are she struggles to poop sorry tmi people! We can handle this aslong as she is happy.

Today we had Thea’s immunisations. I say we because this was an emotional experience for all of us! Had to have 3 all together and an oral solution. I have never heard her cry the way she did today and she had them done 1 at a time. This broke my heart so I’m so glad Ryan came with me and held Thea, don’t think I would of let them happen if I was on my own. So as I’m writing this blog I am laying with Thea while she sleeps and has been since 4pm.
This is post jabs!  

So this is a little insight of my last 8 weeks. I’m missing a lot of memorable moments but will keep these for another day 🙂 

Speak soon
Sianiie xox

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