Day 15 of smiles..😃

Evening guys , my smile today is seeing how polite my little boys are! We were at the park today and there were older children there that were very rude, pushing in front of the boys and not getting off the slide, just running straight back up so they couldn’t have a turn! My boys stood so patiently waiting for there turn and didn’t even say anything. I on the other hand made it quite obvious the boys were waiting for there turn so the two busy chatting mothers would watch their children! I wish some parents could watch there children at a park not just use it as a catch up with their buddies and let the kids run riot! Arghh rant over!  Any way it was a lovely day with Cj and George 🙂 and currently they are still up creating cars and buildings with their Lego 💙 love them two! 

Love yas 

Sianiie xox

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