Day 2 of smiles 😃

Once again a few moments today that made me smile but the one that sticks out the most is when I got home from picking cj up from school he told me he learnt a new French song. He sat us all down in the front room and sang it too us with all the hand actions. So proud! 

Then George wanted to teach us a new song he had learnt at nursery called caterpillar up the chimney, not sure if this really is a song he had learnt but either way it was pretty funny with all his little actions too. 

After they had both sang they made Ryan and I choose a song we would like too sing with them. I chose Mary Mary quite contrary and the boys sang along too. Was such a lovely moment and so glad we recorded it all! 😃😃😃 

Now off to the gym 😫😃

What made you all smile today? Comment below 🙂 
Love yas 

Sianiie xox

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