Why I want to start blogging✏

Hi everyone, hope your all well and you all have had a lovely bank holiday weekend and got to enjoy some of the sunny weather also got a chance to put your feet up.

So I kind of want to tell you a bit more about why I wanted to start blogging, not super interesting but you will get to know a little more about my life.

So when we first had our son we decided I would be a stay at home mum and my husband would work full time. I didn’t realise how lonely it could be not interacting with different people throughout the day, I’m not complaining about being at home as I know I am very lucky to be able to be here all the time for my boys, but I did miss the odd girly chat about the new make up trends or what they had been doing that week. So now my boys are older and one is in school the other nursery I have a little free time to chat about all my loves in life , and tell all you lucky ones my opinions.

My next post will be about my favourite products/ food/ TV shows in April

Love yas

Sianiie xox

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