Glossy box delivery 🎀

After a very stressful walk home from nursery pick up with a very tired 3 year old, I was very excited to see my glossy box starter kit had arrived. 

I couldn’t wait to open it and see what goodies were inside! I got my little boy to help me open it up and see what things we/I get to try out! 

  1. Inside was the Leighton Denny expert nails miracle mist
  2.  So Susan highlighting pencil (very excited to try this)
  3.  417 Catharsis vitamin mineral shampoo ( tried this tonight, my hair smells and feels amazing! )
  4. studio 10 brow lift perfecting liner, one end is brown one end is to highlight ( I swatched this on my hand straight away and it is very pigmented and soft I’m excited to properly use this in the morning) 
  5. Nails inc nail varnish (loving the colour and excited to try with the nail miracle magic mist) 

I will update this blog with my reviews once I have tried all the products, let me know if you have tried these and let me know what you thought 🙂 
Love yas 
Sianiie xox

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